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E-Biking Accelerating From Germany

  E-Scooter & E- B ike TIER Buys Bike Sharer NextBike                                        Source:  TIER & Stock Images New, E-Mobility Lightweight Form Go to Next Level Europe's largest provider of shared, lightweight e-vehicles has just been created by Berlin based e-scooter operator TIER Mobility's acquisition of e-bike sharing systems company NextBike, headquartered in Leipzig, Germany.  This combination will create a vast network of e-bikes, e-scooters, e-mopeds, rental bikes and cargo bikes in Europe.  It is also expected to trigger a period of consolidation in the highly fragmented, highly innovative e-lightweight vehicle industry, which is booming with growth, globally. Big European Market Penetration The combo is expected to operate in 400 cities with 250,000 vehicles in Europe.  TIER is a financial powerhouse.  TIER is valued at $2 billion and has just completed a financing round of $200 million to expand production.  NextBike brings to the table very strong