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World's 1st Aquatic SUV

Aquatic Utility Vehicle Typhoon                                                                       Source:  Shadow Six Racing The Typhoon - SUV on Jet Skis The Typhoon is the world's first aquatic utility vehicle (AUV) or water SUV.  It is the highly innovative invention of West Palm Beach, Florida-based motorsports company Shadow Six Racing.  It's a gas-guzzling UTV water demon.  The very rugged, one-of-a-kind, utility vehicle is designed for both motorsports and defense applications. It is essentially a SUV on jet skis. Tech Specs & More The unique vehicle weights 2,365 pounds and can carry 3 passengers.  It is powered by twin, 4-cylinder supercharged Yamaha GP 1800 SCHO R engines. The engines are located in 2, custom built carbon composite racing hulls designed like 2 jet skis.  They are built to withstand speeds up to 90 mph in extreme water conditions with superb performance. The body of the vehicle is composed of aerospace grade titanium and carbon fiber. The AUV i


  "Daily Vehicle Briefing" by Edward Kane on Amazon                                                  Source:  Amazon Explore 365 Top New Cars, Planes, Bikes & More "DAILY VEHICLE BRIEFING" by Edward Kane is a definitive guide to 365 top, new vehicles that are being developed globally.  It's a fun, easy to read series of news briefs on each new vehicle by journalists Edward Kane and Maryanne Kane.  Each vehicle is highlighted with illustrative pictures.  For a free sample, go to  Daily Vehicle Briefing      Let us know what your favorite vehicles are at      ... ...

Daily Vehicle Briefing by Edward Kane

365 New Cars, Planes & Other Vehicles Presented As News Briefs                                  Source:  Amazon  Daily Vehicle Briefing Now on Amazon Our latest book "Daily Vehicle Briefing" by my brother Edward Kane and me, Maryanne Kane contains 365 news briefings on fascinating new cars, planes and other vehicles under development.  It's now available on Amazon as a paperback, hardcover and e-book.  If you enjoy learning about new travel vehicles, I believe you will love this book. You can wake up to a new vehicle every day.  For a free sample, go to  Daily Vehicle Briefing

Awesome Off-Roader: Jeep's Bob

  Bob Has Off-Road Power and Looks                                             Source:  Jeep's Bob Jeep Bob Concept At its 2022 Jeep Easter Safari event, Jeep introduced a concept, off-road vehicle that has power and off-roading good looks .  They call it the Jeep Bob Concept or Bob for short.  The vehicle is diesel powered and is said to be able to climb just about any incline or rock challenge in the off-road environment.  Using the Jeep Gladiator Rubicon as a base, Jeep designers cut off a foot in length, removed the doors and added a canvas roof over the top of the protective roll cage to maximize the vehicle performance off-road.  They positioned the vehicle on a set of 40-inch off-roading tires, gave it a 3-inch lift, steel bumpers, a vented carbon hood, big LED fog lights and a great paint job.  This vehicle is winning great automotive reviews for its looks, power and ruggedness, even though it is not electric. Tech Specs Bob is powered by a 3.0-liter turbocharged Eco-Diesel

World's Most Versatile Vehicle

Z-Triton: Home, Bike, Boat in One Vehicle                                               Source:  Zeltini's Z-Triton The Amphibious Camper Trike The Z-Triton has to be the world's most versatile vehicle.  Created by the small engineering firm Zeltine in Latvia, Z-Triton is an amphibious camper tricycle.  It's a bike, boat and camper, all rolled into one, multipurpose vehicle that operates on land and water.  The vehicle is powered by electric motors and solar panels.  The body is made from organic materials.  It is zero emissions and a good way to enjoy the environment without harming it.  It is also an innovative new piece of travel technology. It's a world first in amphibious camper trikes with three wheels. Tech Details Z-Triton can carry two people.  It's equipped with an electric boat motor, lithium-ion battery pack, a solar panel on the roof and an electric trike motor. The vehicle is fully amphibious and can travel at speeds up to 15 mph on land.  The bike has

Unique Combo Boat-Plane Vehicle

Electric Hydrogen Vehicle That Flies Like Ocean Crossing Birds                                             Source:  RDC Aqualines Creation of RDC Aqualines of Singapore Using the physics of ocean crossing sea birds, a team of developers at RDC Aqualines of Singapore have created a hybrid boat-plane that flies a foot over the water at speeds of 70 mph plus.  The 72 foot, EP-15 uses a cushion of air, known as ground effect, to fly above the water and land on water.  The boat-plane uses a principle of physics that ocean crossing birds use to travel faster, longer and with much less energy expenditure.  When the vehicle reaches an altitude roughly half the length of its wingspan, ground effect produces excess air pressure which provides additional lift for the plane and cuts the downdraft pressures on it. The EP-15 is designed for passenger service and cargo.  There is a smaller model for sports.  The company says these vehicles are zero emissions and designed for clean, green travel. Tech