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New MG that's Electric & Wows

  China's SAIC Revolutionizes the Historic British MG Brand                                              Source:  MG Cyberster Electric MG Sport Car Concept Becomes a Reality The legendary sports car company MG was founded in the 1920's in Oxford, England. It enjoyed a long history of creating iconic MG, 2 seat sports cars. It is now China owned and China based, acquired a few years ago by SAIC Motors.  The new MG has a fabulous concept car the Cyberster.  It's an all electric sports car that was recently introduced at the Shanghai 2021 Motor Show.  MG just announced the vehicle is going from concept and into production.  MG calls it the "world's first purely electric e-sports cockpit".  The design of this electric vehicle is sleek, futuristic and highly styled with a wide grill that is a throwback to the original MGB as are the round headlights that open like eyes when the car is turned on.  It is truly an iconic, all electric sports car. EV Capabilities The