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Race to Fix Global Chip Shortage

  Money Chasing Semiconductor Startups                                  Source: Semiconductor Stock Images Global Chip Shortage Is the Driving Factor Semiconductor startups are very hot.  They are the recipients of a flood of investor money rolling into them globally if they have very promising new chips.  In 2021 so far, 85 global deals in the semiconductor market have raised $3.7 billion with startups receiving 43% of the money.  The reason for the global investor spotlight on semiconductors is the global chip shortage that started in 2020.  Experts predict that shortages could continue through 2023 and beyond. The impact is huge.  Automakers and technology companies are being forced to wait 5 months and more for chip deliveries which is hampering their global businesses. Search For Developing New Chip Technologies What investors are placing bets on are chips that promise more power and efficiency.  The chips under development are better designed to the extent that fewer of them are