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Israeli Vision - AI Glasses

Next G AI Glasses ICI Vision, based in Tel Aviv, has developed high tech eyewear for the visually impaired to better navigate their surroundings. The technology is cutting edge.  The eyeglasses combine Artificial Intelligence, HD cameras, computer vision and more to fill in the visual gaps of someone who has blind spots.  The images are projected into healthy parts of the retina.  It helps to eliminate blind-spots, clarify images and improves bad vision.  The company says "it's cutting edge tech restoring sight to the blind." Approved and Available in China and Australia The eyewear technology is patent pending in the US and EU.  It's now available in Australia and China.  The need for solutions to impaired vision is huge.  Globally, 253 million people are suffering with impaired vision.  That's a very significant fact because of the human impact.  80% of our learning, perceptions, cognition and activities are "mediated" through vision.  The loss t