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Germany Has World's 1st Hydrogen Train

Germany's Coradia iLint Hydrogen Trains                                                  Source:  Alstom Zero CO2 Emissions Travel Germany has deployed the world's first hydrogen-powered passenger trains.  This is an important move for the environment as the hydrogen trains have no greenhouse gas emissions.  It is important too from the perspective that Europe is attempting to transition from Russian oil and gas in order to comply with the Europe Union's sanctions against Russia following the Russian invasion of Ukraine.  The trains require no diesel. Called Coradia iLint, they are priced at $86 million. They are totally powered by hydrogen fuel cells.  These are the first hydrogen trains that are fully operational and regularly carrying passengers. They just started regular service in the Hamburg area. Some Important Details The trains were developed by train manufacturer Alstom of France. Alstom says they are "a true alternative to diesel powered trains". They c

Important Innovations Collection: World's 1st All Electric Bus Fleet

China's All Electric Bus Fleet - World First Source:  Stock Photo Shenzhen  Electric Bus China's Greening City that's also an Innovation Hub In the Chinese industrial city Shenzhen, home to 12 million people, the fleet of 16.000 buses has just been converted from diesel to all electric.  It's an extraordinary commitment to cutting air pollution in a megacity with a significant pollution problem.  Their all electric fleet of buses is a global first.  Shenzhen is known for being an innovation center for China.  For more on this extraordinary effort to go green and electric, go to my journalist colleague Ed Kane's blog at Important Innovations Collection: World's 1st All Electric Bus Fleet : China Travel First Source: Shenzhen Electric Bus  Green, Electric, Quiet Buses The Chinese megacity of Shenzhen just introd...