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Nuke Power Future: No Carbon, Small, Smart

 Nuclear Power's Future Source:  Stock Image of Nuclear Power Plant Nukes:  Smart, Small, No Carbon Emissions First the facts about nuclear technology: Nuclear power plants produce 11% of world electricity.   Nuke plants generate 1/3 of the world's low carbon electricity.  They cut CO² emissions by 2 gigatons per year which equals taking 400 million cars off the roads. The Director of the IAEA (International Atomic Energy Agency) Yukiya Amano argues that to secure sufficient energy and cut average global temperature increases by 2реж centigrade a year, the world need to make more use of nuclear energy.  He added, in a summer 2018 meeting in Paris, nuclear science, technology and nuclear power are important in meeting global development needs. Most Promising Emerging Nuclear Tech:  Small, Smart Nuclear Plants  In the case of nuclear power plants, perhaps smaller is better.  There's a global push for small, medium sized and modular nuclear reactors (SMR's)