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Russia's Floating Nuclear Power Plant

July Launch to the Arctic Sea Source:  Akademik Lomonosov Chernobyl on Ice Environmental activists like Greenpeace call Russia's Akademik Lomonosov "Chernobyl on Ice" and the "Floating Chernobyl."  They fear the floating nuclear power plant will cause an environmental disaster like Chernobyl and the Fukashima reactor in Japan when it was hit by a tsunami.  In July,  the nuclear reactor will hit the high seas for its final destination in far eastern Russian  in the Arctic Sea.  It's purpose is to bring electricity to the remote and mineral rich area.  2 million people and companies extracting hydrocarbons and precious stones are located in the region that the floating nuclear power plant will serve. Long Towing Haul The 477 meter long nuclear power plant will be towed and float to Pevek, a small Arctic port that is 4,000 miles away from Moscow.  The Russian government argues it is designed to withstand the harshest conditions including hurricanes a