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New Electric Vehicle - Ocean Exploring

  New Technology to Explore the Ocean & Its Inhabitants                                                  Source:  U-BOAT WORX U-BOAT WORX of the Netherlands A Dutch company has launched what looks like a luxury sports car to explore the ocean.  It's called the Super Sub and it is straight out of a James Bond 007 movie.  It was invented and is being manufactured by U-BOAT WORX of Breda, the Netherlands which specializes in submersibles. The company is billing Super Sub as the most hydrodynamic private sub on the market.  The vessel has a transparent cabin that provides occupants panoramic views of the surrounding ocean and its inhabitants. Tech Specs Super Sub has 4 thrusters powered by electricity from lithium ion batteries that deliver 80 horsepower.  It can dive and climb at 30 degree angles, travel at 9 mph and dive to a depth of 1,000 feet.  The submersible can carry a pilot and two passengers.  It contains display screens that provide vital information on the sub and its s