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Biodegradable Bioplastics - From Food Waste

Biodegradable Plastics for Everyday Use Source:  Stock Image of Plastic Straws New Innovation from Canada Canadian based tech company Genecis has invented a process to convert food waste, destined to be dumped in a landfill, to green, clean bioplastics.  The plastic material can be used for packaging, food services, agriculture and many other uses.  The food waste is processed and put through bioreactor fermentation to create commercial plastic products. Patented Technologies Genecis has patented technologies not only to  convert food waste into biodegradable plastics but also other high value materials.  The new bioplastic composts within a month and  biodegrades within a year should it find its way into the ocean.  Experts say this is the first, cost competitive PHA, green plastic available. 18 Billion Tons of Plastic Waste in Ocean Every year, 18 billion tons of plastic waste are ending up as pollution in global oceans.

Saving the Oceans - Technology Battles Plastic Pollution

Breakthrough Technologies Making Unrecyclable Packaging Recyclable Saving the Oceans 8 million tons of plastic enter the ocean every year  Yet the 3 biggest global cleanups deal with only 1/2% of that volume.  It's a plastic pollution crisis and there's an urgent need for innovative systemic solutions. World Economic Forum Incubator and Launch Pad The World Economic Forum and several other organizations have awarded $1million to 5 new recyclable and compostable packaging solutions to stop plastic from becoming waste.  It's an incubator program running into 2019, in collaboration with Think Beyond Plastics, to make these innovations marketable at scale. Making Unrecyclable Packaging Recyclable Here are 2 winners in the Unrecyclable to Recyclable packaging category: The University of Pittsburg:   The Pitt team applies nano-engineering to create a recyclable material that can replace very complex, multi-layered packaging that is unrecyclable.  This mirrors the way

Turning Ocean-Dumped Plastic into PC's

Making an Environmental Impact One Plastic Bottle at a Time Coral Reef Fish Like all great ideas,  this one is elegantly simple.  Recycle ocean dumped plastic bottles and containers into  packaging for PC's.  Tech giant Dell is doing it.  It's another bit of genius from Michael Dell, making an environmental difference. 5 Trillion Pieces of Plastic Afloat The amount of floating plastic is staggering and the impact is unfathomable. More than 5 trillion pieces of plastic polluting the world's oceans 8 million tons of plastic ocean-dumped yearly In some places, plastic outnumbers plankton 26 to 1 If you consume an average amount of seafood, you've injected 11,000 plastic particles every year. From Discarded Plastic to High Tech The program is called "Dell Ocean-Bound Plastics Packaging Program".  They're pulling plastic out of the water and recycling it for their desktop and laptop computers.  It's green packaging.  The operation is comm