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All-Electric Mercedes EQS SUV Debuts

  MB's Big, Powerful, Connected EV                                                                                Source:  Mercedes EQS Offers Electric Off-Roading The new, 2023, all-electric, Mercedes EQS SUV is getting plenty of rave reviews.  It is a 3-row, elegant and powerful Mercedes SUV built on the same electric platform as the EQS sedan.  This new SUV is big, loaded with technologies and powered by nothing but electricity.  Mercedes calls the EQS its next step toward "the next era of mobility".  With its strategy "Ambition 2039", Mercedes aims to have a global fleet of green passenger vehicles in operation that are carbon neutral by 2039 and EVs like the new EQS SUV are a big part of that vision. Tech Specs & More The new EV can accommodate 7 people in a luxurious interior that contains highly advanced technologies.  A primary example is the MBUX Hyperscreen that spans the full width of the dashboard and provides expansive information and entertainm

Ford Classic Bronco 4X4 Gets a Reboot

  One of the World's Most Coveted 4x4's                                                       Source:  Ford For Off and On-Roading After a 25-year absence, Ford is bringing back its 4x4 classic Bronco. It's coming back as a family of SUVs not just as a model.  Sales started last year but the interest level in the vehicles continues to build.  The newest model is the Bronco Sport.  The new Broncos have rugged, off-roading good looks, hefty, all-terrain tires, very bold front grills and prominent fender flares.  All the doors are removable, and a removable hardtop can also be purchased for extra fun in the sun. Standard Broncos The standard Bronco is the 4x4's 6th generation and can be driven off-road, on-road, on city streets and highways.  The new Bronco Sport is a compact crossover, built on the same platform as the Explorer SUV, so it is particularly geared to commuting suburbanites.  The Sport has all-wheel drive and contains 5 doors.  The Broncos come with either a


  Off-Roading in Style with Zero Emissions                                                                                                     Source:  Toyota Part of Lifestyle-Oriented EV Megatrend Toyota has unveiled a number of new images of its new Compact Cruiser EV concept.  The vehicle is a boxy, compact off-roader with good looks and zero emissions.  In fact, it is the recipient of the prestigious 2022 Car Design Award for Concept Vehicles.  The vehicle is an outdoorsy beauty that was created by the Toyota Europe Design development team in Nice, France.  It is expected to go into production and is one of the most fascinating of the 16 upcoming battery electric concepts that Toyota and Lexus recently introduced. It's a prime example of the global automotive megatrend of consumers desiring EVs that reflect their lifestyle interests. New Design This vehicle is reminiscent of the iconic Toyota FJ Cruiser.  It is both retro and futuristic, smooth and rugged with a compact footpr