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Awesome Off-Roader: Jeep's Bob

  Bob Has Off-Road Power and Looks                                             Source:  Jeep's Bob Jeep Bob Concept At its 2022 Jeep Easter Safari event, Jeep introduced a concept, off-road vehicle that has power and off-roading good looks .  They call it the Jeep Bob Concept or Bob for short.  The vehicle is diesel powered and is said to be able to climb just about any incline or rock challenge in the off-road environment.  Using the Jeep Gladiator Rubicon as a base, Jeep designers cut off a foot in length, removed the doors and added a canvas roof over the top of the protective roll cage to maximize the vehicle performance off-road.  They positioned the vehicle on a set of 40-inch off-roading tires, gave it a 3-inch lift, steel bumpers, a vented carbon hood, big LED fog lights and a great paint job.  This vehicle is winning great automotive reviews for its looks, power and ruggedness, even though it is not electric. Tech Specs Bob is powered by a 3.0-liter turbocharged Eco-Diesel