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The Off-Roading Sports Car

  Italdesign's Parcour                                                       Source:  Italdesign Unique Off-Roading Vehicle For off-roading adventures most drivers use specially outfitted Jeeps, trucks and SUVs.  We can now add a sport car to that list. Renowned automobile designer Italdesign has created a stunning, super sports car with huge wheels for off-roading fun.  It's a supercar called Italdesign Parcour Concept.  The vehicle combines the high performance of a race car with the go-anywhere performance of a 4x4.  In the global automotive market, this is a unique car and likely the world's first off-roading classic sports car.  Italdesign is based in Italy. Aerodynamic Sports Car Italdesign is owned by Lamborghini/Audi/VW.  It has a rich history of designing VWs and Audi, dating back to the 1970's.  The company says the Parcour is a blended combination of an SUV, crossover, grand tourer and mid-engine sports car. The design is a sleek melding of aluminum and carbo