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SK & World's Largest Offshore Wind Farm

  South Korea Investing $43.2 Billion in Offshore Wind Farm                         Source:  Stock Image of Offshore Wind Farm South Korea's Green Eco-Environmental Recovery   South Korea is investing $43.2 billion to build the world's largest offshore wind farm by 2030.  This is a big part of the South Korean government's effort to rebuild its economy from the COVID-19 pandemic through building environmentally friendly big projects.  The green economic recovery effort is SK President Moon Jae-in's Green New Deal. Global First The size and scope of this offshore wind project is a global first. It  will have a capacity of 8.2 gigawatts.  Through this major offshore wind project, the South Korean government says that it is accelerating its eco-friendly energy transition and moving toward carbon neutrality by 2050.  South Korea is a major, global innovation hub and it is Asia's #4 largest economy. Big Power Source The offshore wind farm will boost the nation's wind