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Rumanian Flying Saucer Technology

An ADIFO - All Directional Flying Object Source:  Bucharest Polytechnic University Not a UFO This aircraft was developed by a Rumanian aviation expert more than ten years ago.  Now a new team of Rumanian engineers have created a prototype of the flying saucer like aircraft and just successfully completed its first test flight.  It may look like a UFO but it's actually an ADIFO, an all directional flying object. Highly Mobile and Dexterous According to the engineers, the aircraft can change direction and angle in mid-air with great agility and even fly upside down.  They say the original aircraft is an extraordinary aerodynamic concept with the backing of thirty years of research behind it. Future of Aviation The prototype is a combination of motors to push it forward and rotors to rise in flight.  It's an award winning piece of innovation.  The Rumanian team behind it believe it has the potential to revolutionize aviation and has application to both manned and unm