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Chip Sniffs Out Cocaine

Effective and Inexpensive Chemical Sensor Chip It's a low cost chemical sensing chip that's as quick as a breathalyzer for alcohol to detect drugs. It's been developed by researchers at the University of Buffalo.  It's something that's long been on the wish list of law enforcement agencies to stop dangerous driving. It's spot-on for cocaine by simply sniffing it out within minutes. Ready and Portable  The chip can be packed into a portable, hand-held device that could test people real-time thru breath, blood, saliva or urine.  The chip gives results within minutes.  There's a great deal of demand for this kind of technology from police departments globally. Low-Cost and Effective According to researchers, the chip tests can be produced from raw materials costing 10 cents and the fabrication techniques are also inexpensive.  They hope to expand the test to drugs beyond cocaine such as opioids and marijuana. Nanotech The new test is an engineered