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New Underwater Adventure Vehicle

Triton's Luxury Submersible with Panoramic Underwater Views                                                                                                Source:  Triton Like an Entertainment Center Under the Sea There is a front row seat available for you to explore life underwater.  Florida-based submarine maker Triton has created an underwater excursion vehicle that provides panoramic views as you travel through the water.  The Triton 660/9 AVA and the smaller Triton 660/7 are uniquely designed submersibles that offer plenty of space.  Thanks to its free-form pressurized acrylic hull, Triton has three times the interior space of a typical submersible of a similar footprint.  It can comfortably carry eight passengers and a pilot for underwater expeditions.  The company says it's designed for entertainment and adventure.  They add it can serve as an underwater entertainment venue, including a luxury restaurant, cocktail bar and even a wedding venue. Journey Undersea The Trito