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Important Innovations Collection: Important Innovations Collection - The Best

Journalist Edward Kane's 7th Book:  IMPORTANT INNOVATIONS COLLECTION - THE BEST This book is a highly valuable resources on the latest, best global innovations.  In a professional news summary style, it showcases new innovations in Smart Devices, AI-AR, Medical, Energy, Robots and Travel.  It's a great read for anyone interested in the future and innovations.  You can even borrow it for free on Kindle. Important Innovations Collection: Important Innovations Collection - The Best : Latest Book on Innovation Book # 7 I've just published my seventh book on new, global innovations.  It's called "Importan...

News on Important Innovations: Collection

Volume 5:  Important Innovations Impacting Environment, Climate Change, Global Warming Important Innovations:  Collection - Environment by Edward Kane We're pleased to announce that Important Innovations:  Collection, Vol. 5 Important Innovations Impacting the Environment, Climate Change and Global Warming Across Industries was published by Amazon on Christmas Eve.  The book is published both as a paperback and a Kindle e-book. The focus is the latest and most impactful innovations addressing global warming and the latest science tracking Climate Change.  It contains need-to-know news briefs on developments ranging from Harvard's solar geoengineering, China's floating solar farms, Africa's electronic waste recycling programs, Asia's Melting Glaciers, global high precision satellites tracking ice melt, a plant that clears indoor pollution and much more. To check it out go to