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Smart Headphones Alert Pedestrians of Cars

Alerts of Potential Collisions With Cars for Pedestrian Wearers Source:  Columbia University Columbia University Invention Designed to Prevent Accidents A breakthrough set of intelligent headphones is able to detect and analyze ambient sounds around the wearer and warn of an approaching vehicle that could pose a danger. The smart headphones send the wearer a sound alert to be aware and avoid what's coming at them. This is an invention from a team at Columbia University that could save many lives. Twalking Alerts Millions of pedestrians are using headphones and "twalking".  We see them every day with their faces glued to their phones, oblivious to their surroundings as they walk and talk along the streets.  It's very dangerous behavior.  The number of fatalities and injuries caused by "twalking" have tripled in the US in the past 7 years.  Last year, pedestrian deaths hit their highest level since 1990. New Audio-Alert System for Pe