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Chicago Gives eVTOLs a Big Test

  3 Weeks of Testing Are About to Begin                                   Source: Eve and Heliport Chicago Chicago's Vertiport and Embraer's Eve eVTOLS Are Center Stage Here's some very exciting news concerning the future of air taxi travel that is getting a lot closer.   Chicago is leading the way to the future of travel by air taxi eVTOLs, or electric vertical takeoff and landing vehicles.  Brazilian-based aviation leader Embraer and its Eve eVTOL division will perform their first, flying taxi simulations in North America starting on September 12th and lasting for three weeks in the Windy City.  For the simulation of routes, operations, etc., Eve will use traditional helicopters that will give a real-world sense of what it would be like in a big city like Chicago with flying taxi eVTOLs operating as a commuting choice.  Vertiport Chicago, which is a ten-acre facility for helicopters, will be a takeoff and landing point for the simulations and wants to have a major eVTOL r

From Sweden, 1st Personal eVTOL to Buy

  Sweden's Hot Personal Flying Machine Source:  Jetson Jetson One - A World First in Aviation A Sweden based company - Jetson - has invented the world's first commercially available, eVTOL personal flying machine, Jetson One.  The EV is so hot that the company claims it's getting an order for Jetson One every 15 minutes.  Vehicles for 2022 are already sold out by buyers in the US and Europe.  It can be ordered for delivery in 2023 at a price of $70,000.  Jetson One is fully electric and can hit speeds of 63 mph.  It is lightweight and so highly maneuverable it can vertically takeoff and land from a garden or driveway.  Flight range is 20 minutes. Tech Specs Jetson One is made of aluminum and carbon fiber and weighs 190 pounds.  It has a race car inspired spaceframe, safety cell design. There are 8 electric motors that power the single-seat aircraft.  The battery is a high discharge lithium-ion battery.  Flight controls include a 3-axis joystick and throttle lever.  For safe