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Personal eVTOL RECON & CES 2023

  Ryse Aero Technologies RECON 1st to Fly at CES                                                                      Source:  Ryse Aero Tech Superlight Personal eVTOL  The world's top electronics show, CES 2023, will be hosting the first, daily, on-site, manned flights by eVTOL, specifically Ryse Aero Technologies' RECON.  RECON is an ultra-light, electric, vertical takeoff and landing personal flying machine, that the company says anyone can fly.  The Las Vegas, CES 2023 flights are a milestone for the eVTOL industry and its journey toward the commercialization of personal flying electric vehicles. AUV RECON is an AUV, meaning an aerial utility vehicle that takes off and lands vertically and is totally electric powered. The Mason, Ohio-based startup company says it was created with the consumer in mind for personal flights and also for farmers.  In fact, it's been nicknamed the "flying farm car" because of farmers' interest in using it to fly over and survey

Air One eVTOL Ready for FAA

  Air One eVTOL Successfully Transition from Hover to Cruising                                                       Source:  Air Air Goes For FAA Approval For Israeli startup company Air, their eVTOL Air One has reached a significant milestone.  The personal flying machine has successfully transitioned from hovering to cruising.  Several months ago, it also nailed lift-off to hover.  What this means is that Air can now go after FAA certification for Air One to fly and operate in the US.  The Israeli company is now shifting most of its operations to the US to focus on achieving necessary regulatory approval to fly here.  This new urban air mobility technology is definitely in the take-off lane. It's a fully electric, vertical takeoff and landing vehicle. Tech Specs Air One is designed for personal owners who want to make short flights around urban areas.  It is not intended to be a commercial flying taxi.  Nonetheless, it appears to be a significant aviation breakthrough.  The eVTO

Jet Ski For the Sky - Flying Machine

  Sweden's Jetson One                                             Source:  Jetson Aero Strap Yourself in For an Aerial Spin Sweden's Jetson Aero has developed Jetson One, an electric, single-seat personal aircraft that breaks the mold for access to personal flying.  It is relatively inexpensive at $92,000 and largely flies itself in drone-like fashion. It does not require a pilot's license. It is extremely lightweight at 190 pounds but can carry a pilot that weighs up to 210 pounds.  The aircraft is totally electric powered and there are zero emissions. Tech Specs The vehicle operates on eight electric motors and a powerful, high discharge lithium-ion battery.  It can take you places and at a good speed.  The range on a charge is 20 minutes flying time and the aircraft can hit speeds of 63 mph.  It takes only an hour to charge the vehicle.  It is an eVTOL, meaning it takes off and lands like a helicopter from a driveway or garden. It is designed for sheer fun flying. The co

Personal eVTOL You Can Park In Garage

  Israeli Startup AIR's "Flying Car"                                                         Source:  AIR Working With FAA For US Take-off Israeli startup AIR has revealed a 2 seat, electric "flying car" eVTOL designed for personal travel and recreation. The revolutionary new flying machine is called Air One. With collapsible wings and retractable landing gear, it can fit in a garage, so there's no need to rent hanger space. AIR hopes to start selling the personal, electric vertical takeoff and landing vehicle (eVTOL) directly into the individual consumer market, primarily in the US, by 2024.  The company has smartly jumpstarted the process by working directly with the FAA for two years on licensing and regulations to ensure that it is safe and legal.  AIR says that it expects to be cleared for takeoff by the FAA by the end of 2023. Cutting Edge Aviation Software With a maximum speed of 150 mph and a flying range of 110 miles, the Air One is equipped with a

Important Innovations Collection: The Blackfly Personal Flight Vehicle

Revolutionary VTOL Aircraft that Google's Larry Page is Backing Is It a UFO?  No, It's a New Personal Flying Machine The idea for the Blackfly was developed by Canadian entrepreneur Marcus Leng.  He innovated,  built it and flew it in his own backyard in Ontario nearly 10 years ago.  Today, his company Opener is located in Palo Alto, CA and has a major investor in Alphabet/Google's Larry Page.  Some commentators think it looks like a UFO but it's a lot more for your personal commute than that. Unique Electric VTOL The Blackfly is a revolutionary personal flying vehicle.  It's electric, a one-seater, with vertical liftoffs and landings and a lot of safety redundancies. It can take off from and land in both water and land. 8 small rotors across 2, fixed wings power its flight.  My journalist colleague Ed Kane has a great news blog with more detail on this incredible piece of aviation innovation at