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Jetson One Flying Car Sets Record

   A World First in eVTOL Commutes                                             Source:  Jetson One The Democratization of Flight The co-founder of Sweden's Jetson flying car company just completed the world's first commute in his company's $83,600 Jetson One flying car.  Tomasz Patan flew the eVTOL (electric, vertical takeoff and landing vehicle) from his home in the hills of Tuscany to his company building that is located 3 miles away.  His commute time was reduced by 88%.  His world-first eVTOL commute showcased how user friendly and time saving flying cars are designed to be.  The company says that Jetson One is fun and incredibly easy to fly.  Their goal is to democratize flying with the widespread use of eVTOLs for mass transportation. Tech Specs Jetson One is powered by 8 electric engines that have a maximum range of 20 minutes flying time.  As an eVTOL, the vehicle can take off from and land on just about any place, including a driveway, making it ultra-convenient.