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AI IDs Personality Thru Eye Movements

Groundbreaking International AI System-Personality Research Eye Movements A team of international researchers have developed an Artificial Intelligence system that reveals your personality type through eye movements.  The system uses machine learning algorithms.  It has big potential to improve human-machine interactions and create robots that are socially aware. Big 5 Personality Traits The AI system reliably recognizes 4 of the 5 Big Personality traits.  Namely being an extrovert, agreeable, conscientious or neurotic.  The team's findings demonstrate that people's eye movements reveal whether they are sociable, curious and conscientious. Making Robots and Computers Socially Aware The researchers believe their findings provide the opportunity to develop robots and computers to become more natural and better at interpreting human social signals.  They believe their AI system could help lead to the creation of social robots and advance the emerging field of social sign