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Adorable KiKi - RoboPet

California Start-up Zoetic AI Developing the Tech Zoetic AI's KiKi New World of Robo-Pets KiKi is a little, robot companion that's a bit of a genius.  It learns from its environment through touch, sight and hearing.  The company is further developing this petbot over this year but there's a lot of interesting tech in it already.  KiKi is enabled by Artificial Intelligence to learn from and interact with its owner and environment. Very HighTech Pet There's a camera in the nose to learn and recognize the owner.  As you move around the room, KiKi's eyes are faithfully watching you like your pet dog or cat..  And, just like your pet, KiKi develops a personality based on interaction with you.  KiKi will be as much as a friend to you as you are to it.  KiKi has 12 different touch points.  Its batteries last 2 hours.  Zoetic AI is developing more versions of KiKi including a dog robo companion. What do you think?  Are you ready for a robopet? For more news on r