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1st Human X-Rays in Living Color

Straight From MARS and Absolutely Amazing New Zealand-based MARS Bioimaging has created the world's first color X-rays of the human body.  The company is an award winning manufacturer of small bore spectral CT scanners.  The scans are 3D and used for pre-clinical medical research. In Depth, In Color The CT scanners produce color images where different materials can be separated.  In the above photo, soft tissue, fat, bone and the metal of a watch are all identified and differentiated. The company explains this is photon counting technology, originally created as part of MARS founder's work at CERN, the European Organization for Nuclear Research. Medical Research Benefits The benefits for researchers is the wealth of precise chemical data on objects in the scanner.  The careful, multilayers of tissue scans, the company says, enable new precision in medical research.  To do this, MARS has placed sensors inside computed tomography (CT) scanners.  By matching the scans wit