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E-Flying Car - Global Award Winning Design

 Flexcraft -   Reconfigurable With Passenger or Cargo Cabins `                                       Source:  Flexcraft Consortium Wings Fly Home On Their Own Portugal's Flexcraft electric flying car design has won the Gold Prize in the Transport category of the International Design Awards.  The technology and innovation tucked into the design of this modular vehicle are disruptive innovation. The vehicle is reconfigurable and capable of a variety of missions.  It can carry a passenger or cargo cabin and can be used for luxury transport, humanitarian cargo missions or medical evacuations. The cabin is connected to the wings for flight.  But after landing, the wings detach and the 3-wheeled cabin drives to its destination as an electric car.  The wings can fly themselves to a pre-programmed location, perhaps to pick up another cabin.  The cabin and the wings are designed to work together and independently. Automotive and Aviation Innovation Flexcraft is the creation of the Flexcraft