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New Amphibious Light Sport Aircraft

  Amphibious Icon A5 Aircraft With Boat Hull                                                                          Source:  Icon Aircraft Water and Land Take Offs & Landings Icon Aircraft of Vacaville, California has invented a truly unique and fun vehicle - an amphibious light sport aircraft.  Called the Icon A5, it's a combination aircraft and boat.  The vehicle is designed for pure fun and adventures in the air and on the water.  It can fly at speeds up to 109 mph and can take off and land from land and water.  It is compact enough to fit into a house garage. Highly Advanced Travel Technology The Icon A5 is a 2-seater with a very streamlined design.  Its wings fold and unfold in 2 minutes time.  There are seawings that give it stability in the water.  The airframe is spin resistant for added safety.  It is powered by one of the most lightweight and efficient aircraft engines - an electronically fuel injected Rotax 912.  The windows are removable for an up close and person