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Important Innovations Collection: Out of This World Exoplanet

NASA's 1st Glimpse of Rocky, Earth-Sized Exoplanet Source:  NASA - Exoplanet Exoplanet Outside of the Solar System This is the first glimpse of the rocky, 1.3 times larger than Earth Exoplanet just spotted by a NASA space telescope.  It is literally out of this world, outside of our solar system at 49 light years away.  It's called LHS 3844b, has no atmosphere and the surface is most likely as barren as the Moon.  It is an extraordinary piece of astronomy and science.  For more details, go to Important Innovations Collection: Out of This World Exoplanet : NASA's 1st View of  Rocky Exoplanet Outside of the Solar System Source:  NASA Artist Rendering Exoplanet LHS 3844b A NASA space ...

Discovery of Super Earth in Space

Discovered by International Astronomers Using Powerful Ground Telescopes Source:  NASA's Goddard Space Flight Center May Have "Earth Like" Conditions Astronomers have discovered what they're calling a Super Earth 31 light years away from our solar system.  They say it is "potentially habitable".  The planet is named GJ 357d.  It is six times larger than the Earth and it orbits a sun that is much smaller than ours, every 55 days.  An international team of scientists discovered it using powerful ground telescopes and following up on data first relayed by NASA's planet hunting satellite TESS.  The astronomers believe that it could provide "Earth like conditions" for life.  If so it could answer the question that goes back a thousand years:  Is there life elsewhere in the Universe? Looking for Signs of Life In the next several years, highly advanced telescopes will be going on line that will be able to detect any signs of lif

Important Innovations Collection: "Big Space News 2019" by Edward Kane

Latest Book "Big Space News 2019" by Journalist Ed Kane Now Live on Kindle and Amazon - Free Kindle Borrow Available "Big Space News 2019" by journalists Ed Kane and me, Maryanne Kane has just been published and is live on Kindle and Amazon.  We've written a series of news summaries on the top breakthroughs and discoveries in space so far this year, of which there have been many. If you like, you can borrow it for free on Kindle.  For more details about the many big news stories contained in the book, go to Important Innovations Collection: "Big Space News 2019" by Edward Kane : My New Book Live on Kindle and Amazon ASIN: B07TYG31KM ,  ASIN: 1079271104 Free Borrow on Kindle I'm so pleased to...

New Device to Rescue Astronauts

NASA - ESA Collaboration Source:  ESA Equipment Test in Cologne, Germany Lunar and Extraplanetary Rescue System for Fallen Astronauts It's called LESA, the Lunar Evacuation System Assembly and it is the combined invention of NASA and the European Space Agency.  The technology enables a single astronaut to rescue a fallen comrade on the moon or on another planet and bring them back to the safety of a pressurized space station.  It's a world first and of great necessity.  As of the moment, there is no way a single astronaut could carry a fallen astronaut to safety without technological assistance because of their spacesuits and gravity. NASA and ESA Tests NASA and ESA have tested the tech at the 10 m deep pool at ESA's Satellite Center in Cologne, Germany.  They used the pool to simulate lunar gravity and the tests are going well.  The team says LESA is like a golf caddy.  Its lift mechanism and stretchers can be operated by a single astronaut.  NASA and ESA say th