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Plogging Run E-Friendly

Plogging - Swedish Way to Run &  Pick-UpTrash Global Craze - Run and Save Environment This is a great way to combine running and help the environment. Plogging combines jogging and picking up trash on your route that you find along the way. As runners, we do this but this gives it structure.  The idea comes from Sweden and it is becoming a global craze for people who care about the environment and love to work out in the outdoors and care about the environment. World Records Are Coming In The combo of running and picking up trash along the way was started by Swede Arik Ahlstrom.  He calls it a pick and jog.  But his program has achieved a lot more than that.  The innovator says 10,000 are doing it regularly in India and 4000 in one day in Mexico City. This is about running with purpose and disposing of plastics along the way.  This is a great exercise for joggers.   It helps you to jog,.  By picking up the trash, you bend and squat. That burns more calories. I'm going