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Portable Charger For Your EV

  ZipCharge Go - Portable EV Charger Take the EV Charger With You While You Drive At the COP26 climate conference in Glasgow, Scotland, a UK tech startup ZipCharge unveiled a portable electric vehicle charger that fits into the trunk of an electric vehicle.  It's called ZipCharge Go. And it could be a gamechanger for EV drivers running low on a charge and without access to a nearby charging station.  This portable power bank can add up to 40 miles worth of ride time. The inventors say it is a solution to EV range anxiety and could serve as a catalyst to accelerate EV sales. One of the biggest barriers to widespread use of electric vehicle is "charging anxiety" and this removes the anxiety by taking the charger with you. ZipCharge says Go provides easier, cheaper and more convenient charges. How Does It Work? ZipCharge is designed to be charged at home using a 3-prong plug.  It can be used to charge the EV at your garage or parking space, which the inventors say is much le