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V8 Jet Ski that's a World First

World First - Strand Craft V8 Daytona GT                                                                 Source:  Strand Craft V8 Daytona GT Powerful Vehicle For Fun on the Water Norwegian superyacht designer Kurt Strand has created the world's 1st V8 engine powered jet ski.  The powerful watercraft is called the Strand Craft V8 Daytona GT.  Strand is currently based in Florida and jet skis are among his favorite past times.  This is the most powerful jet ski ever created.  It is a watercraft first. Strand Craft V8 Daytona GT The jet ski is sleek and big:  17 feet long, 5 feet wide and it weighs 1,250 pounds.  It is powered by a supercharged 6.2 liter aluminum V8 engine.  Strand calls the watercraft "beautiful, powerful and luxurious...a model that marries power and speed to grace and elegance."  This concept took Strand five years to develop. There appears to be nothing zero emissions, at the moment, about this incredible piece of technology.  It is using a V8 engine to