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Stanford's New Tech Detects Cancer Early

Early Cancer Detection and Precision Treatment Magnetic Wire Stanford University researchers have developed a new magnetic method for early cancer detection.  The method involves a tiny magnetic wire which is used to capture cancer cells from blood vessels.  The wire is threaded into the vein and can attract special magnetic nanoparticles, which are engineered to glom onto tumor cells.  Tumor cells roam the blood stream if you have a tumor somewhere in the body. Early Treatment The magnetized wire can loosen tumor cells out of the blood stream because the cells are essentially magnetized.  It enables early detection of tumor cells which allows early treatment.  The earlier cancer is treated, the better the results. Precision Therapies Another very exciting aspect of this new tech tool.  The technique helps doctors evaluate a patient's response to cancer treatments.  If the cancer therapy is working, the tumor cell level should rise as the cells die and breakaway. Treatm