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Moon Orbit - Space X 1st Passenger

Elon Musk & Space X Take Big Step into Space Courtesy of Space X  - The BFR Flying to the Moon It's the dream of innovator Elon Musk to make space travel accessible to everyone.  His company just took a big step toward that goal.  They've just announced that they've signed the 1st private person to fly around the Moon.  The trip will be aboard Space X's BFR, the Big Falcon Rocket, which is a giant new rocket ship. Rocket Man This is a first and a very big step forward to commercializing space travel.  However, the BFR is still being prototyped and is a yet unproven spacecraft.  Eventually, Space X wants to use the rocket to launch the 1st manned mission to Mars.  Space X says it will identify the person and their purpose next week.