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Rover Robot - RVR Sphero You Customize

New Robotic Innovation Source:  Sphero RVR RVR , the Rover, that is Programmable by You Sphero has created an interesting and accessible piece of robotic innovation. It's called RVR - the Rover. And it drives out of its box, is programmable, has a diverse suite of sensors and it's totally customizable by you.  News headlines have called it the "Robot Made to be Hacked." Lots of Tech This robot has a powerful, high torque motor and 4, all terrain tires. It also includes the company's proprietary, closed loop system that lets the robot navigate based on heading.  That allows the user to focus on programming their robot through Sphero's Edu app.  More advanced programming can be approached through JavaScript and block programming.  The company calls this revolutionary technology on a mobile platform for students, elite educators, innovators and ,yes, elite hackers to create your personalized robot.  Would like to hear your reaction on this.  Let me kno