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Mercedes Autonomous Taxiing in Style

Mercedes-Benz Autonomous Taxi Fleet Deployed in San Jose, CA Source:  Mercedes Benz - Autonomous Taxiing in Style Level 4 Autonomous Driving Daimler's Mercedes-Benz and the German tech giant Bosch have launched a self-driving car project in San Jose, CA. They're using a fleet of 30 autonomous MB S-class vehicles as a hailing taxi service.  You might call it autonomous taxiing in luxury style.  The program just got underway and initially only a select group of users can hail the self-driving vehicles.  These vehicles are capable of Level 4 driving.  Level 4 is fully automated navigation with little to no human input or oversight needed.  Daimler is testing the vehicles for reliability and safety. Separately, Bosch just announced a breakthrough, less expensive lidar sensor that could accelerate widespread use of autonomous cars. (News details in my previous blog). Mercedes Car2Go To summon a ride in San Jose, the user connects to Daimler's Car2Go car-sharing servi