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Global Sea Levels on the Rise

Rutgers' New Coastal Research Numbers Courtesy NOAA Sea Level Rise Vision:  Parts of NJ and NYC with 8 foot sea rise by 2100. Lite blue permanently flooded; lite green very low lying  Climate Change's Big Impact on Global Coastal Communities Rising seas pose a rising risk to global coastal populations, ecosystems, economies and infrastructure around the world.  Researchers at Rutgers University have zeroed in on flooding in Atlantic City, New Jersey and Singapore in particular and have delivered an alarming set of projections if greenhouse gas emissions aren't reduced. Rising High Tides Here are the latest projections by scientists at Rutgers. There will be a global average sea level rise of up to 8 feet by 2100.  And the sea rise will hit another 50 feet by 2300 if greenhouse gas emissions aren't cut. Coastal Communities Globally at Big Risk 11% of the world's population now lives in areas that are less than 33 feet above sea level.  That means rising