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China's AI Detects Prostate Cancer

Medical Tech Breakthrough From China Prostate Cancer Scientists in China have developed a learning artificial intelligence software that can detect prostate cancer.  This tech breakthrough may lead to the diagnosis of other forms of cancers. Accurate Diagnoses The AI diagnosis and identification of the cancerous prostate samples were as accurate as that of any pathologist. The accuracy rate is 99.3%.  Researchers at Nanjing University, who developed it, say the AI won't replace pathologists but help them make better and faster diagnoses. Additionally, this breakthrough may streamline and eliminate variations in the process of cancer diagnosis.  And, eventually it may lead to an automated prostate cancer diagnosis. Most Common Form of Cancer in Men Prostate cancer has become the most common form of cancer in men.  1.1 million are diagnosed with it every year.  The Chinese software can accurately identify and classify the level of malignancy of the cancer.  This can eli