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Smart Lighter to Quit Smoking

Slighter is a Very Smart Lighter  Source:  Slighter Innovation from Lebanon Slighter is the latest, smart lighter that can help you quit smoking one cigarette at a time.  The company is based in Lebanon.  Their product offers a new way to quit smoking.  It learns from your habits.  It calculates how frequently you smoke and when you do so. It uses the data to customize a plan for each smoker. Elegantly Simple Innovation that's Easy to Use There's a lot of innovation and ingenuity in this smart lighter concept.  It sometimes, on purpose, won't light up to help the smoker cut cigarettes eventually down to zero.  The price is $129.  It will start shipping in July 2019.  The French National Cancer Institute plans to do a trial run with it. Communicates and Calculates You can communicate and share the data on your progress to quit smoking on a phone app.  The device also tells you how much money you've saved as you reach your quit smoking goals.  Interesting