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Volvo P1800 Cyan - Retro, HiTech

  Sports Coupe That's Very Retro & Very Modern                                                  Source:  Cyan Racing Driving Blast From the Past With Up-to-the Minute Technologies There's a "new-old" car that originated with Volvo more than five decades ago that's being called by automotive experts one of the most exciting cars in years.  The Swedish engineering firm Cyan Racing will debut and offer its $700,000 Volvo 1800 Cyan sports coup in August 2022 at the Monterey Car Week in California.  Built by the 5 time and current World Touring Cars Champion, Cyan Racing, the Cyan 1800 exquisitely combines classic styling with the best in motorsports technology.  This classic racing car dates back to 1960 and was created by Swedish and Italian designers for Volvo.  Volvo stopped production of it in the early 1970's. It was reintroduced to rave reviews in Europe in 2020.  The car is being called "retro-mod" meaning it has the retro styling of 1960 but

Hydrogen Boot Race Truck & Road Truck

  SCG's Hydrogen Boot                                               Source:  SCG Setting Sights on Baja 1000 Endurance Race US-based SCG has invented a one-of-a-kind hydrogen, high performance race car/pickup truck called the Hydrogen Boot.  In late 2022, the company hopes the Boot will become the first zero emissions vehicle to compete in the Baja 1000 endurance race.  Importantly, the company plans to turn this eye-popping, off-road hydrogen vehicle into a road legal pickup truck for consumers to drive, first in the US.  Estimated price is $100,000. On Track with Zero Emissions The moving force behind SCG (Scuderia Cameron Glickenhaus) is ex-Hollywood movie producer/director/writer James Glickenhaus who is an avid car enthusiast and loves extreme racing. SCG creates exotic, high-performance race and road cars. The company calls the Boot a "cryogenic supercritical hydrogen fuel cell Baja 1000 race vehicle".  The standout feature is the huge hydrogen tank that fills the r