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Electric Racing Car From Lotus Next G Tech

  Lotus E-R9 Source:  Lotus E-R9 Cutting Edge Electric Driving Technologies UK based Lotus is designing an electric endurance race car concept that will go into action in 2030.  The electric vehicle is called the E-R9.  It is futuristic and very edgy.  The racer is sleek, shaped like a delta wing and is fully electric.  Its body panels can morph in response to aerodynamic conditions.  The panels can change shape and angle.  The driver can trigger the morphing or input from the vehicle's performance sensors can trigger the change.  The morphing helps to reduce drag on straightaways and produces downforce to help navigate corners on the racetrack.  This concept vehicle is not just about racing.  It is a platform to showcase Lotus engineering's advanced capabilities in aerodynamics and electric powertrains. Next G Technologies The vehicle's powertrain has an electric motor powering each wheel.  And Lotus says it has a "mixed cell chemistry battery" designed to delive