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Planet that's Being Vaporized

Incredible Space Tracking by Hubble Source:  NASA photo of  planet GJ 34706 vaporizing First View of Real Star Wars The Hubble Space Telescope has pinpointed a distant planet that's being vaporized out of existence by its accompanying star. The photo provided by NASA tells the story of a planet morphing out of existence. Exoplanet and Host Star Power This is an exoplanet called GJ 34706.  And, it's what astronomers call a hot Neptune. The planet is so close to its star that it's evaporating right before our eyes. Scientists call the planet's location as in the "Hot Neptune Desert" around its host star. The phenomenon and the technological innovation to enable us to see this at the outer reaches of space is amazing  It enlightens us about the dynamics of our ever active universe, even to the point of distant stars and planets. Lead Research Perspectives One of the lead researchers on this finding Vincent Bourrier of the University of Vienna says