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Rome's Innovative Recycling Program

Metro Travel Tickets for Plastic Bottle Recycling Source:  Rome Metro Expanding Environmental Initiative to Reduce Plastic Dumping in the Eternal City Rome is setting a new, global environmental standard that's very practical and doable.  It's offering free Metro tickets to travelers who recycle plastic bottles by using machines set-up in three Rome Metro train stations.  The system is scalable, expandable and is working. 350,000 Recycled Bottles and Counting The program is so popular that 350,000 bottles have been recycled since July 2019.  Rome's public transit company ATAC is now extending the program across the entire Metro network and letting it run through July 2020. Works by Simplicity To participate commuters need to download an app into their mobile phone.  The app counts the number of bottles the person has put into the recycling machines and then registers the number of Metro tickets they've earned.  As an example, 30 bottles equate to a ticket

World's 1st Shirt Made from Milk

The Limitless Milk Shirt Source:  Mi Terro Limitless Milk Shirt Very Advanced Shirt The Limitless Milk Shirt is a world first:  the first shirt made from uncycled, waste milk.  The company behind it, Mi Terro, says the shirt is three times softer than cotton, odor free, anti-bacterial, temperature regulatory, wrinkle resistant, breathable and stretches in every direction to move in sync with your body. Mi Terro is a Los Angeles based startup. Fabric from Milk Here's how they create a fabric from milk.  They obtain waste milk usually from dairies.  They ferment it, skim off the fat and dewater it, which results in powdered milk.  They extract the casein protein, immerse it in alkali, clean it, produce fabric and spin it into yarn.  The company says every five shirts save a glass of milk from being wasted. Company with a Point of View Mi Terro manufactures the shirts in China but says it pays its Chinese workers, more than 50% of which are women, above that of China'