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Germany's Volocopter Readies For Launch

  eVTOL Very Close to Commercial Launch                              Source:  Volocopter & Paris 2024 Olympics Volocopter Has Key Design & Production Approvals in the EU Electrical take off and landing vehicles - eVTOLs - are one of the hottest sectors of new air mobility and travel vehicle development. Today, a big contender just got a lot bigger.  Germany's air taxi startup Volocopter is buying its long time partner DG Flugzeubau, a global leader in composite aircraft construction.  That acquisition secures Volocopter's compliance with European Union air safety regulator's production standards.  It provides production organization approval with the EU Aviation Safety Agency (EASA) and the EASA design approvals.  The reason is the two companies have totally co-developed and produced the Volocopter eVTOL. eVTOL First The acquisition makes Volocopter the "first and only eVTOL to hold both required design and production organization approvals to advance its aircr