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Driving From the Past Into the Future

  Awesome All-Electric Chevrolet 3100                                     Source:  Kindred Motorworks Kindred 3100 & RestoMod Trend San Francisco Bay area-based Kindred Motorworks produces electrified versions of vintage, iconic vehicles.  It just unveiled a classic restomod, meaning restored and modified, world of art - the Kindred 3100 electric pickup truck.  The vehicle is going into production in 2024.  It's a classic Chevy pickup, that sold new from 1947 through 1953.  The new Kindred version is electrified, modernized, modified retrofitted and restored with its original iconic design and the latest in new technologies.  The Kindred pickup is part of a significant, new automotive trend called restomod, which involves the restoration, many times electrification and technological modernization of classic, iconic cars. Tech Specs and More The Kindred 3100 blends iconic pickup trucks rugged good looks with a highly functional electric powertrain. Kindred says 10,000 hours of e