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Ford Bronco's New-Retro Models

  Iconic Bronco Brand Nostalgia With New Models                                                       Source:  Ford Modernized Blast From the Past Ford is paying tribute to its iconic and wildly popular Bronco brand that captivated the nation and the world when it debuted in 1966. The tribute comes in the form of several new models that are modernized blasts from the past. Bronco is the epitome of rugged good looks and sensational off-roading capabilities. In historically modernized versions of that tradition, Ford is introducing the Bronco Sport, Heritage and Heritage Limited.  The Sport starts at $34,245; the Heritage at $45,900 and the Heritage Limited at $68,490.  The vehicles pay homage to Bronco's history with some signature designs from the first-generation vehicles. Past Meets Present The limited-edition vehicles contain quite a few throwbacks to the original 1966 Bronco design including the white front grill, squared fenders, white wheels, plaid interior upholstery and whi