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Is It a Flying Saucer or a Solar Car?

  UC Berkeley Students' Solar Car Zephyr                                                                      Source:  UC Berkeley Heading into Road Race Competition at the American Solar Challenge Engineering students at UC Berkeley have built a road-ready, registered solar car called Zephyr.  To say the least, the vehicle is eye-catching.  It closely resembles a flying saucer.  But, it is a fully functional solar/electric powered car. Zephyr has been cleared for driving and has a California license plate.  The UC Berkeley student inventors are putting Zephyr into national competition.  It's heading for the 5 day, 1,000 mile road race between Independence, Missouri and Las Vegas, N.M. called the American Solar Challenge, which is a race among solar cars for their solar power endurance. Unique & One-of-a-Kind One of the creators, recent graduate Alexander Zerkle, says that the EV "is a hand-made, unique, one-of-a-kind car".  He says it looks like a flying saucer b