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BMW Tests Its Hydrogen Car Driving Roads

  BMW i Hydrogen Next Source:  BMW i Hydrogen Next Sustainable Driving BMW has started road testing its hydrogen fuel cell car in "everyday conditions" on European roads.  The vehicle is called the BMW i Hydrogen Next.  It is all electric and uses hydrogen as fuel by converting it into electricity in the fuel cell.  The vehicle has a hydrogen fuel cell drive train.  BMW believes that hydrogen fuel cell technology has the potential to "supplement internal combustion engines, plug in hybrid systems and battery electric vehicles within BMW's flexible drive train strategy."  They are betting on this new, developing technology. Very Extensive Road Testing The hydrogen vehicle is being tested for safety, efficiency and reliability.  BMW will determine how effectively the CO2-free drive train, model-specific chassis technology and the car's electronic system work together in real world travel circumstances.  If all goes well, BMW will produce a small series, hydrog