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Your New Robo-Puppy - Border Collie Smart

  Mini-Pupper Robotic Dog For Under $300                                         Source:  MangDang Robo Companion for Kids, Pets and Adults If you're looking for a companion for your pet, your child or yourself, or something highly educational for your school that's the size of a chihauhau, a Hong Kong company may have just the thing - Mini-Pupper, a small robotic dog at a very affordable price of under $300.  MangDang, in conjunction with Stanford Puppy, has designed the Mini-Pupper, a small dog sized automaton.  It's a four legged, educational robot that can be configured to your liking.  The company calls it an "educational, quadruped robot at a reasonable price".  It is designed to enable anyone, including kids at school or being home-schooled, to do fun robotic research and experiments.  The company and Mini-Pupper are currently on Kickstarter to sell the product and raise investor money. They are exceeding their initial goals. Small But Advanced Robotic Tech