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Daily Innovation Brief by Maryanne Kane

  DAILY INNOVATION BRIEF                      By Journalists Maryanne Kane & Ed Kane HYUNDAI GRILL IS A LED MESSAGE BOARD                                                                                                                        Source:  Hyundai South Korean automaker Hyundai is developing a front grill for future cars to communicate with the outside world as a LED message board The innovative grill will be able to communicate specific messages to those outside the vehicle The technology that Hyundai is focused on is a 71x33 RGB LED display through its supplier Mobis The grill will communicate information like the car is in autonomous mode or "Go Ahead" to a pedestrian attempting to cross in front of the vehicle BMW is developing similar technology with its iVision Circular Concept car, whose kidney shaped grill can display messages Opel is also deploying similar technology Clearly, communicative car technology is part of our automotive future. NEXT-G COMPUTER