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World's 1st AI Captained Ship

  Mayflower 400 -  Truly Intelligent Ship                                         Source:  Mayflower 400 Captained by Artificial Intelligence In Plymouth, England, the world's first fully autonomous, intelligent ship - the Mayflower 400 - is preparing for its first transatlantic voyage to Plymouth, MA.  The Mayflower 400 commemorates the 400th anniversary of the landing of the Pilgrims in Plymouth, MA in 1620.  The 50 foot trimara weighs nine tons and navigates completely autonomously.  It is a ship without any people onboard for the ocean voyage to Massachusetts. Construction of the $1 million vessel took a year.  Every component of the ship operates autonomously including the diesel generator that supplements the solar panels that cover Mayflower 400. There is a robotic rudder that steers the vessel.  The journey to Plymouth will take three weeks and a great deal of scientific discovery will be generated along the way. Smart Captain Mayflower 400 is captained by Artificial Intell